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Our mission is to empower mom entrepreneurs by helping them connect with their divine essence and tap into the universal law of pure potentiality. By aligning with this law, we can unlock our limitless potential and achieve success in all areas of our lives.

At "The Conscious Mom Boss," we understand that taking care of ourselves is essential to activate this law, which is why we provide practical tips and advice on how to not just relieve the physical symptoms of burnout but heal it from within, in order to achieve balance in our daily lives.

Our blog covers different categories, including Self Love, Divine Connection, Abundance, Parenting, mindset and Universal Laws, where you can find relevant information and resources to help you manifest your dreams and create a positive impact on your family and the world.

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Hello, I'm Libier!

Libier Sandoval, or "The Conscious Mom Boss," is a highly respected business mentor, serial entrepreneur, NLP Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach, and Master Spiritual Psychology Coach. After experiencing dozens of personal development programs and attending world-class conferences, Libier realized that the rational information was not enough to address the deeper issues of personal growth. She began pursuing the spiritual path, which led her to a "firewall" while doing her own trauma work.

As a Female Empowerment Coach, Libier's mission is to guide Mom Entrepreneurs on a journey of profound transformation.

Libier's journey has been shaped by the trauma of losing her mother to cancer. This experience inspired her to delve deep into the world of spiritual psychology, where she discovered the crucial role that trauma release plays in achieving a fulfilling life.

Through her work with hundreds of women, Libier understands that many High Achieving Mom entrepreneurs struggle with limiting beliefs rooted in unprocessed grief. By helping these women access and release their trauma, she empowers them to break free from the emotional patterns that manifest as burnout, preventing them from living in harmony.

For Libier, cultivating a deep connection with one's true identity is the key to a fulfilling life. By releasing trauma and embracing the Divine expression within us all, we can create a legacy of abundance and love that resonates with our life mission.

When she is not working, Libier enjoys having deep conversations with her three teenage children and nourishing her collaborative marriage relationship of 20 years. With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, she brings a unique perspective behind the hustle mentality that leads to burnout, making her coaching cohesive. She understands that by planting seeds for a new generation of abundance and health, she can positively impact the world.

Follow her on Instagram @iamlibiersandoval to learn more about her work and stay connected.

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The greatest healing you can offer yourself is the restoration of the connection with your divine identity. It is through this reconnection that you will find the love, strength, and guidance to nourish the most important relationship of your life - the one with yourself.

-Libier Sandoval